The Teacher

Seductress, The


Howard Avedis

Angel Tompkins shines (and is gorgeous) in this mildly sleazy effort invovling an illicit affair and the local psychopath, played with agreeable relish by Anthony James. Grindhouse or time filler - you be the judge!

3rd July 2007

98 mins

Angel Tompkins
Diane Marshall
Jay North
Sean Roberts
Anthony James
Ralph Gordon
Marlene Schmidt
Alice Roberts
Barry Atwater
Sheriff Murphy
Med Flory
Joe Roberts
Rudy Herrera
Lou Gordon
Quinn O'Hara
Margaret Parker
Sivi Aberg
Bonnie Nelson
Richard Winterstein
Russell Marshall
Katherine Cassavetes
Gossiping Lady 1
Lady Rowlands
Gossiping Lady 2
Cassandra Lucas