Soldier Blue


Ralph Nelson
Avco Embassy
Production Company

Grim tale of the Sand Creek Massacre with Peter Strauss' war weary soldier standing in for the viewer. Pleasence gives one of his best performances as a scoundrel. Now then, the US version has had all the violence snipped out, but the UK version remains intact, the uncut version is highly recommended for those who can take it. The US DVD has the right runtime but the wrong certificate...The box says widescreen, the specs full what's the truth? SOLVED Widescreen, uncut!

-The Sloth

This film came out soon after the My Lai Massacre came to light, which probably accounts for its poor reception. No one wants to think their military is capable of such things, though they often are.

"Soldier Blue in its shattering violence, for a moment snaps the deceitful armour of white "history" and lets blood run through. It is painful to witness. But it is necessary".
-Dotson Rader, New York Times review.

-Dave W.

12th August 1970

21st March 2005

109 mins

12th December 2006

115 mins

18th August 2020

Candice Bergen
Kathy 'Cresta' Marybelle Lee
Peter Strauss
Pvt. Honus Grant
Donald Pleasence
Isaac Cumber
John Anderson
Col. Iverson
Jorge Rivero
Spotted Wolf
Dana Elcar
Capt. Battles
Bob Carraway
Lt. McNair
Martin West
Lt. Spingarn
James Hampton
Pvt. Menzies
Mort Mills
Sgt. O'Hearn
Jorge Russek
Running Fox
Aurora Clavel
Indian Woman
Ralph Nelson
Agent Long (as Alf Elson)
Marco Antonio Arzate
Kiowa Warrior
Ron Fletcher
Lt. Mitchell
Eddie Little Sky
Indian Scout
Barbara Turner
Mrs Long