The Sleeping Tiger


Joseph Losey
(as Victor Hanbury)

Criminal punk Bogarde tries to rob doctor Knox, who disarms him. Instead of turning him over to the police, Knox installs him as a “guest” in his house for therapy. Things go sour when Knox’s wife Smith decides Bogarde is the “bad boy" who can take her away from her loveless marriage.

Rather tiresome film with grating performances, especially Bogarde and Smith. It seems plain that Losey in exile did not want to make this film, though there is a negative message about psychiatry that he seems to want to convey. Knox’s doctor is smug and clueless, and continues to prattle about reforming, even though Bogarde’s little creep is unredeemable. Nice jazz scenes, though—even if the jazz club scenes are more than a little overdone. Apparently all jazz club frequenters were heroin addicts.

Note: Producer Victor Hanbury took the directorial credit on this, Losey's first film made in England after being blacklisted.

Thanks to Gerald Lovell for pointing out a few extras and supplying the correct title card!

-Dave W.

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24th June 1954

89 mins

5th October 1954

89 mins

Dirk Bogarde
Frank Clemmons
Alexis Smith
Glenda Esmond
Alexander Knox
Dr. Esmond
Hugh Griffith
Inspector Simmons
Patricia McCarron
Sally Foster
Maxine Audley
Glyn Houston
Harry Towb
Russell Waters
Manager of Pearce & Mann
Billie Whitelaw
Receptionist at Pearce & Mann
Fred Griffiths
Taxi Driver
Esma Cannon
Scrubwoman with Ladder
Patrick Westwood
Patient (uncredited)
Unknown 17593-01
Gilr Kissing Frank
Jimmy Charters
Jazz Club Patron
Martin Lyder
Jazz Club Patron
Jimmy Fung
Jazz Club Patron
Russell Waters
Break-In Witness
Ross Parker
Barman (uncredited)
Jim Tyson
Jazz Club Patron
John Lynn
Jazz Club Patron
Joe Powell
Lorry Driver
Wallace Bosco
Spectator at Crash
Harry Van Engel
Spectator at Crash
Pamela Devis
Undetermined Role
Miro Painting
Unidentifed Miro in Esmond's Office

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