Run a Crooked Mile


Gene Levitt
Universal Pictures

London math teacher Louis Jourdan follows a Rolls-Royce that has sideswiped his car to a country manor house, where he witnesses odd goings-on, including a murder. After confronting the erratic driver, Louis is conked on the head and wakes up in a hospital in Geneva-two years later! He has a new identity, and can remember nothing of the past two years. He must try and get back to London, resume his past life, and solve several mysteries.

Excellent directing, location filming, and performances from a superb supporting cast-especially the great Wilfrid Hyde-White and Stanley Holloway.

-Scott Palmer

Quite an enjoyable little film, deserving of its cult reputation. Certainly needs a proper DVD release! Once again, we find Oakley Court the center of nefarious deeds. Must have had an interesting realtor!

I did the screencaps using Scott's notes. If there any mistakes, they are solely my fault and not his. And apologies for the poor quality of the caps--this film has never been released on video or DVD, so off-air recordings are the only way ot see it.

-Dave Wright

18th November 1969
TV Movie

100 mins

Louis Jourdan
Richard Stuart
Mary Tyler Moore
Elizabeth Sutton
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Dr. Ralph Sawyer
(as Wilfrid Hyde White)
Stanley Holloway
Mr. Baines
Alexander Knox
Sir Howard Nettleton
Terence Alexander
Peter Martin
Laurence Naismith
Lord Dunnsfield
Ronald Howard
Inspector Huntington
Norman Bird
Sergeant Hooper
Ernest Clark
Bernard Archard
Business Spokesman
Hugo De Vernier
Nora Nicholson
Miss Abernathy
Jean Anderson
Sister Teresa
Elspeth March
Mrs. Doyle
Arnold Diamond
Swiss News Agent
Noel Coleman
Dunnsfield's Butler
Geoffrey Cheshire
Navvy (as Geoff Cheshire)
Hilary Pritchard
Peter Martin's Secretary
Norma West
Timothy Kendrick
Geoffrey Frederick
Policeman in Richard's Flat
John Tatum
Cartel Member
Victor Harrington
Cartel Member
Anthony Lang
Cartel Member
Hyma Beckley
Cartel Member
Juba Kennerley
Cartel Member
William Burleigh
Margaret Nolan
Peter Martin's Other Secretary
Jack Arrow
Man in Station
Fred Peck
Man at Station
Keith Ashley
Passerby on Bridge
Walter Henry
Passerby on Bridge
Alex Lewis
Passerby (uncredited)
Yutte Stensgaard
Girl at Party (uncredited)
Aileen Lewis
Lady Dancing at Geneva Party
Valerie Van Ost
Lady Dancing at Geneva Party
Grace Newcombe
Grace (uncredited)
Pauline Loring
Edna (uncredited)
Barbara Bruce
Miss Coombes
Joe Ritchie
Taxi Driver
Romo Gorrara
Footballer in Park
Betty Cardno
Woman with Compact
Sandra Bryant
Girl Buying Train Ticket
George Holdcroft
Cartel Member
Cartel Member
Cartel Member
Cartel Member
Cartel Member
Cartel Member
Geneva Shop Customer
Geneva Party Waiter
Marie, Servant at Poetry Reading
Oakley Court
Buckley Manor

Scott Palmer: Screencaps & Notes