The Purple Plain


Robert Parrish
J. Arthur Rank Organisation
Production Company

Aggrieved fighter/bomber pilot finds love and peril in Burma at the end of WWII

Peck is great and, in her only film, Win Min Than is a knockout, in this adaptation of H.E. Bates novel. This seems very cliched now but these were the stories that set the cliches so...

Failed to find Dorothy Alison in there anywhere and wonder if she were a casualty of the 97 vs 101 minute versions, though the Amazon copy clocks in at 102 minutes. Dunno.

14th September 1954

10th April 1955

5th April 2016

100 mins

Gregory Peck
Squadron Leader Bill Forrester
Win Min Than
Brenda de Banzie
Miss McNab (as Brenda De Banzie)
Bernard Lee
Dr. Harris
Maurice Denham
Lyndon Brook
Anthony Bushell
Group Captain Aldridge
Josephine Griffin
Mrs. Bill Forrester
Ram Gopal
Mr. Phang
Dorothy Alison
Nurse (uncredited)
Peter Arne
Flight Lieutenant (uncredited)
Ernest Blyth
Man Dancing at Wedding (uncredited)
Jack McNaughton
Sgt. Ralph Brown (uncredited)
Lane Meddick
Radio Operator (uncredited)
Harold Siddons
Navigator Williams (uncredited)
Mya Mya Spencer
Dorothy (uncredited)
John A. Tinn
Burmese Jeweler (uncredited)
Soo Ah Wong
Old Woman (uncredited)
Kurt Christian
Anna's mother

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