Nothing but the Night

Devil's Undead ; Resurrection Syndicate


Peter Sasdy

Ashley and Bingham begin investigating a series of suicides somehow centered around a young girl.

Cushing and Lee on the same side for a change in this not bad little sci-fi-y, horror-y melange with some nice twists before the fiery finale.

The January 1st release date is a placeholder until I can figure out the true release date.

1st January 1973

90 mins

18th October 2011

90 mins

Christopher Lee
Colonel Bingham
Peter Cushing
Sir Mark Ashley
Diana Dors
Anna Harb
Georgia Brown
Joan Foster
Keith Barron
Dr. Haynes
Gwyneth Strong
Mary Valley
Fulton Mackay
John Robinson
Lord Fawnlee
Morris Perry
Dr. Yeats
Michael Gambon
Inspector Grant
Shelagh Fraser
Mrs. Alison
Duncan Lamont
Dr. Knight
Kathleen Byron
Dr. Rose
Geoffrey Frederick
Computer Operator
Louise Nelson
Robin Wentworth
Head Porter
Michael Segal
First Reporter
John Kelland
Second Reporter
Michael Wynne
Kenneth Watson
Jamie (as Ken Watson)
Andrew McCulloch
Paul Humpoletz
Stuart Saunders
Police Sergeant
Stanley Lebor
Michael Brennan
Deck Hand
Beatrice Kane
Helen Van Traylen
Beatrice Kane
Helen Van Traylen
Janet Bruce
Naureen Stokes
Geoffrey Denton
Paul Anderson
Geoffrey Denton
Paul Anderson
Maxwell Craig
hospital visitor