Ladies of the Chorus


Phil Karlson

10th February 1949

Adele Jergens
Mae Martin
Marilyn Monroe
Peggy Martin
Rand Brooks
Randy Carroll
Nana Bryant
Mrs. Adele Carroll
Eddie Garr
Billy Mackay
Steven Geray
Dave Barry
Ripple the Decorator
Gladys Blake
Flower Shop Girl
Chet Brandenburg
Audience Member
Paul E. Burns
Mr. Craig, Stage Doorman
Robert Clarke
Peter Winthrop
James Conaty
Party Guest
Oliver Cross
Party Guest
Jay Eaton
Party Guest
Bill Edwards
Alan Wakely, Mae's Ex-husband
Charles Ferguson
Party Guest
Dick Gordon
Party Guest
Myron Healey
Randy's Cousin
Marjorie Hoshelle
Bubbles LaRue
Donald Kerr
The Usher
Ethan Laidlaw
Audience Member
Carl M. Leviness
Burlesque Show Spectator
Wilbur Mack
Mr. Windrift - Party Guest
Harold Miller
Party Guest
Cosmo Sardo
Nightclub Patron
Frank J. Scannell
Joe, Stage Manager
Almira Sessions
Old Lady at Engagement Party
Kathryn Sheldon
Old Lady at Engagement Party
Cap Somers
Audience Member
Larry Steers
Party Guest
Al Thompson
Mae's Fan
Dorothy Tuttle
Chorus Girl
Emmett Vogan
Claire Whitney
Mrs. Windrift - Party Guest
Eve Whitney
Chorus Girl
Judith Woodbury
Chorus Girl