Thursday, 8th October 1931

135 Shaftesbury Avenue

Monday, 4th January 1971 - Saturday, 6th March 1971There's a Girl in My Soup
Monday, 4th January 1971Railway Children
Saturday, 23rd January 1971 - Friday, 5th February 1971Raging Moon
Friday, 12th February 1971 - Saturday, 6th March 1971Percy
Saturday, 3rd April 1971 - Saturday, 24th July 1971Tales of Beatrix Potter
Saturday, 3rd April 1971 - Monday, 12th April 1971Get Carter
Thursday, 13th May 1971 - Saturday, 24th July 1971Little Big Man
Wednesday, 9th June 1971 - Friday, 2nd July 1971Wuthering Heights
Monday, 16th October 1972Godfather
Wednesday, 31st January 1973Getaway
Wednesday, 31st January 1973Valachi Papers
Monday, 14th May 1973Lady Caroline Lamb
Monday, 14th May 1973Lady Sings the Blues
Saturday, 15th December 1973 - Saturday, 9th March 1974La nuit américaine
Thursday, 20th December 1973Walking Tall
Wednesday, 6th February 1974 - Thursday, 7th February 1974Serpent
Thursday, 30th May 1974 - Tuesday, 4th June 1974Exorcist
Thursday, 30th May 1974Dove
Saturday, 8th June 1974Dillinger
Saturday, 8th June 1974Dove
Tuesday, 9th September 1975 - Friday, 12th September 1975Godfather Part 2
Tuesday, 9th September 1975 - Wednesday, 10th September 1975Drowning Pool
Thursday, 11th September 1975 - Friday, 12th September 1975Law and Disorder
Tuesday, 23rd September 1975Law and Disorder
Tuesday, 23rd September 1975Godfather Part 2
Saturday, 27th December 1975Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough
Saturday, 27th December 1975Dog Day Afternoon
Saturday, 27th December 1975Barry Lyndon
Saturday, 20th November 1976Survive!
Saturday, 20th November 1976Radio 1 on the Road
Saturday, 20th November 1976Picnic at Hanging Rock
Monday, 31st October 1977Suspiria
Monday, 31st October 1977Operation Thunderbolt
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Superman
Saturday, 16th December 1978 - Sunday, 17th December 1978Death on the Nile
Thursday, 9th October 1980Elephant Man
Tuesday, 29th September 1981Four Seasons
Monday, 12th November 1984Once Upon a Time in America