Odeon Marble Arch

Thursday, 2nd February 1967 - Sunday, 8th May 2016

10 Edgware Road

Saturday, 10th March 1951Fourteen Hours
Saturday, 10th March 1951Tougher They Come
Friday, 24th December 1954 - Sunday, 26th December 1954Long John Silver
Monday, 8th February 1960 - Thursday, 18th February 1960Never So Few
Thursday, 25th February 1960 - Friday, 11th March 1960Battle of the Sexes
Friday, 11th March 1960 - Friday, 1st April 1960Hound-Dog Man
Friday, 5th January 1962Swiss Family Robinson
Monday, 15th January 1962 - Wednesday, 31st January 1962Only Two Can Play
Thursday, 20th September 1962Birdman Of Alcatraz
Wednesday, 6th February 1963 - Wednesday, 6th March 1963Fast Lady
Friday, 1st March 1963Fast Lady
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Tuesday, 19th November 1963Bye Bye Birdie
Tuesday, 10th December 1963 - Tuesday, 24th December 1963Charge of the Black Lancers
Thursday, 26th December 1963 - Wednesday, 15th January 1964West Side Story
Thursday, 16th January 1964 - Monday, 27th January 1964Ladies Who Do
Thursday, 16th January 1964 - Monday, 27th January 1964It's All Over Town
Monday, 2nd March 1964Long Ships
Thursday, 2nd January 1969 - Friday, 3rd January 1969Finian's Rainbow
Friday, 11th April 1969Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Wednesday, 23rd July 1969 - Friday, 3rd October 1969Gone With The Wind
Friday, 20th March 1970Hello, Dolly!
Friday, 27th November 1970 - Monday, 12th April 1971Cromwell
Thursday, 13th May 1971 - Friday, 2nd July 1971Cleopatra
Monday, 14th May 1973Something to Hide
Thursday, 5th July 1973 - Wednesday, 11th July 1973Avanti
Thursday, 12th July 1973 - Wednesday, 5th September 1973Sleuth
Thursday, 6th September 1973 - Friday, 7th September 1973Night Watch
Saturday, 9th March 1974Robin Hood
Saturday, 20th November 1976Bugsy Malone
Monday, 31st October 1977Bridge Too Far