Orsett Road

Friday, 24th November 19782001: A Space Odyssey
Tuesday, 12th December 1978Outlaw Josey Wales
Thursday, 24th May 1979Adventures of a Private Eye
Friday, 24th August 1979To Russia.....With Elton
Tuesday, 11th September 1979Capricorn One
Monday, 15th October 1979Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue
Monday, 15th October 1979Assault on Precinct 13
Saturday, 24th November 1979Silent Movie
Friday, 21st March 1980Frisco Kid
Friday, 21st March 1980And Now for Something Completely Different
Wednesday, 7th May 1980Love and Death
Wednesday, 7th May 1980Rich Kids
Sunday, 25th May 1980Julia
Friday, 13th June 1980Goodbye Girl
Friday, 13th June 1980California Suite
Saturday, 14th June 1980Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex
Saturday, 14th June 1980Annie Hall
Sunday, 22nd June 1980Man who fell to Earth
Sunday, 6th July 1980Heaven Can Wait
Sunday, 3rd August 1980Tendre poulet
Sunday, 17th August 1980Last Wave
Sunday, 14th September 1980Carrie
Sunday, 28th September 1980War Game
Sunday, 12th October 1980Nosferatu - The Vampyre
Sunday, 26th October 1980Kids Are Alright
Sunday, 9th November 1980Inserts
Sunday, 23rd November 1980Devil Probably
Sunday, 7th December 1980Eagle's Wing
Sunday, 21st December 1980Lenny
Friday, 16th January 1981Kentucky Fried Movie
Friday, 16th January 1981Adventures of a Plumber's Mate
Sunday, 18th January 1981Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
Sunday, 1st February 1981Violette Noziere
Sunday, 1st March 1981Time After Time
Sunday, 15th March 1981Frenzy
Monday, 23rd March 1981Swissmakers
Sunday, 12th April 1981Hardcore
Sunday, 10th May 1981Pretty Baby
Sunday, 24th May 1981Blowout
Tuesday, 30th June 1981All That Jazz
Thursday, 13th August 1981Raiders of the Lost Ark
Tuesday, 25th August 1981Clash of the Titans
Sunday, 27th September 1981High Anxiety
Sunday, 27th September 1981Young Frankenstein
Sunday, 3rd January 1982Bad Timing
Sunday, 17th January 1982Tin Drum
Sunday, 31st January 1982Breaking Away
Sunday, 14th February 1982Every Man for Himself
Monday, 5th April 1982Flash Gordon
Sunday, 4th July 1982Heaven's Gate
Saturday, 31st July 1982Superman
Sunday, 15th August 1982Eraserhead
Tuesday, 14th December 1982Fame
Saturday, 2nd April 1983E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Friday, 15th July 1983Sophie's Choice
Saturday, 30th July 1983Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Saturday, 6th August 1983E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Saturday, 13th August 1983Dark Crystal
Monday, 5th September 1983Blade Runner
Saturday, 10th September 1983 - Tuesday, 13th September 1983Twilight Zone
Sunday, 12th February 1984Year of Living Dangerously
Sunday, 8th April 1984My Favorite Year
Friday, 24th August 1984Splash
Sunday, 12th January 1986Right Stuff