Wednesday, 29th January 1936 - Sunday, 8th July 1990

108 South Street

Saturday, 6th October 1979Alien
Tuesday, 15th January 1980Manhattan
Saturday, 22nd March 1980One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Friday, 4th April 1980Animalympics
Monday, 7th April 1980Black Hole
Saturday, 17th May 1980Saturn 3
Saturday, 7th June 1980Dirty Harry
Saturday, 7th June 1980Magnum Force
Saturday, 14th June 1980Annie Hall
Saturday, 14th June 1980Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex
Tuesday, 15th July 1980Eiger Sanction
Tuesday, 15th July 1980Escape From Alcatraz
Wednesday, 16th July 1980Alien
Saturday, 20th September 1980Sea Wolves
Friday, 31st October 1980Being There
Friday, 31st October 1980Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Friday, 14th November 1980Assault on Precinct 13
Friday, 14th November 1980Halloween
Saturday, 13th December 1980Revenge of the Pink Panther
Saturday, 13th December 1980When A Stranger Calls
Saturday, 13th December 1980Pink Panther Strikes Again
Saturday, 13th December 1980Humanoids From the Deep
Saturday, 13th December 1980Pink Panther Strikes Again
Saturday, 28th March 1981Magnum Force
Saturday, 28th March 1981Gauntlet
Sunday, 20th June 1982American Werewolf in London
Sunday, 20th June 1982Lady in Red
Tuesday, 20th September 1983Porky's 2: The Next Day