Monday, 25th November 1940 - Sunday, 1st February 1976

Quarry Hill

Saturday, 10th March 1951King Solomon's Mines
Friday, 24th December 1954 - Sunday, 26th December 1954Belles of St. Trinians
Thursday, 11th February 1960 - Friday, 27th May 1960Gigi
Friday, 5th January 1962 - Wednesday, 17th January 1962Thunder of Drums
Thursday, 18th January 1962 - Wednesday, 31st January 1962Ada
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Wednesday, 20th November 1963Birds
Thursday, 21st November 1963 - Wednesday, 18th December 1963From Russia With Love
Thursday, 19th December 1963 - Tuesday, 31st December 1963Flipper
Thursday, 19th December 1963 - Tuesday, 31st December 1963Slave
Monday, 27th January 1964 - Monday, 2nd March 1964Servant
Thursday, 30th April 1964Zulu
Saturday, 19th September 1964 - Sunday, 20th September 1964Marnie