State, Grays

Monday, 5th September 1938 - Monday, 5th September 1988

George Street

Monday, 5th September 1938Hurricane
Thursday, 10th February 1977Jaws
Thursday, 8th September 1977Spy Who Loved Me
Thursday, 1st December 1977Demon Seed
Thursday, 20th April 1978Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Tuesday, 8th August 1978Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Thursday, 12th October 1978Annie Hall
Saturday, 21st October 1978Wild Geese
Friday, 1st December 1978Carrie
Friday, 1st December 1978Piranha
Sunday, 21st January 1979Force 10 From Navarone
Thursday, 8th March 1979Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
Thursday, 8th March 1979Rollerball
Sunday, 18th March 1979National Lampoon's Animal House
Friday, 30th March 1979Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Thursday, 24th May 1979Kentucky Fried Movie
Thursday, 24th May 1979Drive-In
Thursday, 5th July 1979Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Thursday, 5th July 1979Blazing Saddles
Thursday, 6th September 1979Moonraker
Friday, 25th January 1980Amityville Horror
Saturday, 2nd February 1980Escape From Alcatraz
Friday, 7th March 198010
Friday, 14th March 1980Midnight Express
Friday, 14th March 1980Taxi Driver
Friday, 21st March 1980Frisco Kid
Friday, 4th April 1980Animalympics
Monday, 7th April 1980Black Hole
Saturday, 26th April 1980Apocalypse Now
Saturday, 17th May 1980Saturn 3
Saturday, 17th May 1980Killer Fish
Friday, 30th May 1980Star Trek - The Motion Picture
Saturday, 7th June 1980Dirty Harry
Saturday, 7th June 1980Magnum Force
Friday, 4th July 1980One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Thursday, 21st August 1980Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Friday, 12th September 1980Bronco Billy
Thursday, 18th September 1980Airplane!
Tuesday, 14th October 1980Long Riders
Friday, 24th October 1980Monty Python's The Life of Brian
Friday, 7th November 1980Shining
Wednesday, 12th November 1980Cruising
Friday, 21st November 1980Dressed to Kill
Friday, 5th December 1980Man, a Woman and a Bank
Friday, 5th December 1980Fog
Friday, 20th February 1981Hopscotch
Friday, 13th March 1981Private Benjamin
Saturday, 11th April 1981Long Good Friday
Friday, 24th April 1981Superman 2
Monday, 4th May 1981 - Thursday, 7th May 1981Halloween
Monday, 4th May 1981 - Thursday, 7th May 1981Assault on Precinct 13
Monday, 3rd August 1981Gregory's Girl
Monday, 14th September 1981Altered States
Monday, 15th March 1982Mad Max 2
Wednesday, 31st March 1982Halloween II
Sunday, 11th April 1982Jackson County Jail
Sunday, 11th April 1982Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Friday, 2nd July 1982Performance
Friday, 2nd July 1982Don't Look Now
Saturday, 3rd July 1982Gregory's Girl
Saturday, 3rd July 1982Chariots of Fire
Friday, 9th July 1982Moonraker
Friday, 9th July 1982For Your Eyes Only
Wednesday, 21st July 1982Firefox
Wednesday, 28th July 1982 - Thursday, 29th July 1982Raiders of the Lost Ark
Friday, 20th August 1982Annie
Wednesday, 1st September 1982Conan the Barbarian
Tuesday, 5th October 1982Poltergeist
Wednesday, 15th December 1982E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Wednesday, 23rd March 1983Gandhi
Wednesday, 6th April 1983Robin Hood
Sunday, 17th April 1983Missionary
Tuesday, 28th June 198348 Hrs.
Tuesday, 28th June 1983Cat People
Wednesday, 29th June 1983Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Tuesday, 26th July 1983Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi
Wednesday, 31st August 1983 - Saturday, 3rd September 1983Blue Thunder
Thursday, 6th October 1983WarGames
Tuesday, 18th October 1983Breathless
Saturday, 29th October 1983Psycho II
Saturday, 17th December 1983Jungle Book
Sunday, 8th January 1984Educating Rita
Wednesday, 1st February 1984Never Say Never Again
Tuesday, 17th July 1984Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Saturday, 22nd September 1984Fantastic Voyage
Saturday, 20th October 1984One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Sunday, 28th October 1984Conan the Destroyer
Saturday, 3rd November 1984Woman in Red
Sunday, 11th November 1984Red Dawn
Thursday, 29th November 1984Tightrope
Tuesday, 11th December 1984Ghostbusters
Monday, 21st January 1985 - Thursday, 31st January 1985Gremlins
Sunday, 15th December 1985Back To The Future
Friday, 10th January 1986Silverado
Monday, 5th September 1988Hurricane